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Problems about being not able to install a program



Even though people usually can install an application on the computer smoothly with the simple install steps, there are still many people encounter the problem of installing one certain application, and the install failure could be due to many problems and issues.

DLL Error loading situations&solutions


How to solve the case of DLL files missing? 

64-bit version of Chrome is highly RECOMMENDED


For Internet newbies, this new Chrome is the better option to protect your operating system from Web threats, secure your privacy and improve your Internet experience, and much more. Read up Guy McDowell's full & professional review.

How to troubleshoot the Phone and Voice Problem With Skype



As freemium voice over IP service and instant messaging client, Skype is widely used by many people all around the world to connect other people online, and unfortunately, more and more people encounter the phone or voice issue with this application. How to deal with this kind of Skype problem? Let’s see the following instructions.

Xcode 6 GM, 6.1 together launched, Swift finally ushered in version 1.0!

Starbucks shows ‘Don’t-Call-it-Third-Wave’ Concept, Plans Seattle Roastery Opening


Starbuks unveils ‘Don’t-Call-it-Third-Wave’ Concept

Taking a barrage of adjectives like unique, super-premium, reserve, and small-lot, Starbucks has just exposed details for its new “premium coffee experience” store concept, along with its flagship “small-batch” Roastery and Tasting Room, coming to Seattle’s Capitol Hill by the end of this year.


What to do when Chrome keeps crashing


Most of the time the culprit is a conflict between versions of Shockwave Flash.

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I switched over to Google Chrome as my preferred Internet browser a couple of years ago, relegating Firefox to back-up browser status.

Large-size iPad is coming! Apple released 12.9 inches iPad Q1 next year


Bloomberg reported that Apple is developing a large-screen iPad, planning to go public in the first quarter of next year. This iPad's screen size will be 12.9 inches, only slightly larger than the minimum size of the MacBook Air notebook. For now, iPad Air's screen size is 9.7 inches, iPad mini is 7.85 inches, Surface Pro 3 to 12 inches. 

Top 5 items you should have in the Wild



If you are a travel enthusiast, you might think of traveling on some natures like the primeval forest, mountains or the high plateau, and it must be very important for you to do a comprehensive preparation before the trip. As we all know that the environment in the wild is much more complicated and dangerous then we thought, therefore, choosing what you should take on the bag is closely related to your safety. And here are just the 5 objects what I think is necessary for you survive in the wild.

Microsoft released a new application Snipp3t, starting in the iOS platform and no Windows Phone version


Microsoft recently released a celebrity application in the iOS platform--Snipp3t, allowing iOS users to use the application to view celebrity news. Surprisingly, Microsoft didn’t first published Snipp3t on the Windows Phone platform to their users, but first released to the iPhone users.



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