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How to Back Up Your Files without A Device



It is certain that many people store their personal and important files and data on the computer, and file backup is definitely a necessary job for ensuring the integrity and security of those files. However, have you thought about storing files in a back-up drive is not so convenient and easy to manage.

Benefits of getting a Registry optimizer


Registry optimizer

Although System Registry is not a part that directly related to computer users, it is an important database should be protected well from various error issues, if you haven't been cared about this place on your PC, I am sure you need a registry optimizer now.

How to speed up your Mac


slow Mac

The same to using Windows operating system, people also usually experience a slow computer on their Macs, and we all know how frustrating it is when always get a sluggish performance on the machine, so you might need some effective and easy way to speed up your Mac machine. 

Instruction of file66.db error troubleshooting


If you are receiving any of the following error message then you can be ensure that file66.db file is damaged or deleted and now your system is not protected from malware components:

"file66.db is not responding"

"Symantec User Session has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Application Name: file66.db"

"Runtime error: file66.db"

Windows 10 and The Mistery of The Missing Cloud


"Azure, one of the strongest cards in Microsoft's hand, was absent from the Windows 10 preview event." -- Scott M. Fulton, III

When Windows 8's first preview was shown to developers at Microsoft's first preview event for that operating system in September 2011, one of the system's most indispensable sources of feature was stated to be the cloud -- specifically, at that time the cloud service was known as Windows Azure.

What's VPN? Get to know and use it on your PC



If you have been use computer for a long time but never heard about or use VPN, you are behind the times, it is definitely a useful tool that worthy for using on your computer. Why do I say that? Please continue to read the following words.

What's a VPN?

Easy and free ways to maintain your PC


computer maintenance

Have you found your computer become more sluggish after using it for two or more years? What kind of PC maintenance you often take on your machine? If you are always using your computer without doing any optimized job. I think it's time for maintaining your PC now. 

Get to know and fix med32.exe


First, we must understand what med32.exe is:

med32.exe is a process from GLLG INT L INC. It can be found at C: \ Program Files \ Common Files location. This is a potential security risk which can be maliciously modified by virus. med32.exe virus should be disabled and removed as it may cause errors in windows xp / vista / 7.

med32.exe generic error message:

"... The lack of the required components med32.exe Please reinstall the application."

Several methods to uninstall unwanted software/programs


We often install a lot of software on the computer, however, we did not use all of them. Over time, it will make our computer more and more slow or even crash. Therefore, for those unwanted software we need to clean them from time to time. Here I am, telling you several uninstall methods based on my experience.

Java Updates fail to install automatically


Java is regarded as a professional programming language that used to present a serious of actions and multimedia tasks on the computer, for the stability and security of this language, updates will be released to fix disadvantages and optimize Java language. But how do you do if you find the automatic Java update cannot be installed successfully on your PC?


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