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Microsoft launched comprehensive security measures and tools

Nokia will be back to smartphone market in 2016?


Social medias published an articles October 27 saying Nokia, who has sold its cellphone business to Microsoft, doesn't permanently give up the business, and it may be return smartphone market in 2016. 

How to add program to quick launch toolbar


In the daily use of computer, there must be some applications you are frequent to use, and it is in fact a very cumbersome job to double-click on certain programs every time. Luckily, on the right side of the Start button at the desktop located a quick launch toolbar, programs icons showing on the toolbar could be displayed permanently at the task-bar, and people only need one click to open it up.

System Restore Failed Problems


system restore problem

System Restore is a special and effective feature on the Windows operating system, it enables the user to roll back the computer system to the easier point, which can effectively restore many corrupt files to a previous time when they are working fine on the PC. Unfortunately, people would encounter some problems while they are trying to restore the Windows system, and there are some common causes for this restore issue.

Rumor has it that Facebook cooperates with Samsung to develop new smartphones


The current indicates, Facebook may still considering to launch its own mobile phone, but this time not under the help of HTC, but is in cooperation with Samsung. South Korean media said that, Facebook is in talks with Samsung to discuss matters of mutual cooperation to create new smartphones. 

According to these media messages, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Shirley Sandberg have been met Lee Jay-yong, the vice president of Samsung Electronics in headquarters in Seoul. 

Problems about being not able to install a program



Even though people usually can install an application on the computer smoothly with the simple install steps, there are still many people encounter the problem of installing one certain application, and the install failure could be due to many problems and issues.

DLL Error loading situations&solutions


How to solve the case of DLL files missing? 

64-bit version of Chrome is highly RECOMMENDED


For Internet newbies, this new Chrome is the better option to protect your operating system from Web threats, secure your privacy and improve your Internet experience, and much more. Read up Guy McDowell's full & professional review.

How to troubleshoot the Phone and Voice Problem With Skype



As freemium voice over IP service and instant messaging client, Skype is widely used by many people all around the world to connect other people online, and unfortunately, more and more people encounter the phone or voice issue with this application. How to deal with this kind of Skype problem? Let’s see the following instructions.

Xcode 6 GM, 6.1 together launched, Swift finally ushered in version 1.0!


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